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October 19, 2009

The Book Rules

There’s a commercial currently being run on TV in which a woman brings her neighbor a casserole. “Chicken divan,” she says.

Stephen and I saw this commercial the other night and I said, “I can’t recall what, exactly, goes in to chicken divan, besides chicken.”

He whipped out his iPhone and began a search. “Paula Dean has a recipe,” he said. I replied that I didn’t want to know about a southern version of chicken divan (no insult to Ms. Dean, whom I love), I wanted to know the basic, classic, version. He continued to search. “There are all sorts of variations here,” he said, staring down at the little machine.

I took The Joy of Cooking from the shelf by the kitchen table, found chicken divan in the index, opened to the page and read aloud the recipe. Curiosity satisfied, I returned the book to the shelf. Stephen said, “From what I’m seeing, it’s basically creamed chicken on toast. Let me check this other site.”

Books rule.

On an exciting note, I just bought the latest Peter Ackroyd novel to hit the States. It’s called THE CASEBOOK OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. This will be the eighteenth book of his I’ve read. It’s safe to say that Mr. Ackroyd is my favorite writer. (Finished the book – fabulous.) Last evening a friend reminded me that I really should read more Herman Hesse, so he’s now back on my to-do list. (Hesse, not the friend.) And I’ve three more Iris Murdoch novels waiting to be read. I’m now reading HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY by Audrey Niffenegger, and very much enjoying it. Many more books await . . .


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