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October 05, 2009


This past weekend I was privileged to attend the New England Independent Booksellers Association’s 36th Annual Trade Show in Hartford, CT. This, of course, was thanks to Kensington, my publisher, and more specifically to my terrific editor, John Scognamiglio, and to Doug Mendini, sales bigwig, all-around mover and shaker, and one of the best guys ever.

Even though I’ve been out of house for about fourteen years, working as a freelance editor and writer, it still felt a bit odd to be on the other side of things – being the one feted instead of the one doing the fete-ing. (I know that’s not a word and I’m pretty sure I’m spelling things incorrectly.) I was happy to meet two other Kensington authors, Cathy Lamb and Beverly Barton, lovely people, good writers, and fun dinner companions. I also have to thank Stephen, who gamely drove me to Hartford and back, as Holly doesn’t drive and never has. (Some people just shouldn’t.)

A quick word on my reading: I just finished THE LOST ART OF GRATITUDE, the latest in Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series (very satisfying, as always); E. L. Doctorow’s HOMER & LANGLEY (lovely); and am about mid-way through Nicholson Baker’s THE ANTHOLOGIST, which is great fun. Unfortunately, I missed his reading at Longfellow last Thursday, due to a minor (and temporary) family crisis. I hope to attend the next time he’s in town.

Next week: back-to-school shopping with Hannah!

Well, I must dash as I have a head full of hair color that needs to be rinsed out before I become Bozo’s little sister!


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