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September 28, 2009

Back to Books

Now that the latest book is (almost) on its way to my editor, it’s time to dive back into reading for pure pleasure. (At least, until the book comes back for revisions and then again for me to answer the copy editor’s queries, etc. At least, until I start to write the outline for the next book!)

First up, I will finish Iris Murdoch’s NUNS AND SOLDIERS. I feel I haven’t read carefully, so I might go back and re-read sections before continuing on. After that, I will turn to OLIVE KITTERIDGE by Elizabeth Strout, which my friend Kit lent me, and which we are eager to discuss. Then, two books my friend Leah lent me – KABBALAH, A LOVE STORY, and THE WAY INTO JEWISH MYSTICAL TRADITION, both by Lawrence Kushner. I’ve always been very interested in Judaism and Jewish history but know very little (if anything) about the mystical aspect of the religion.

Last week at Longfellow, I scooped up the new E. L. Doctorow novel HOMER & LANGELY; the latest from Maine author Nicholson Baker, a novel entitled THE ANTHOLOGIST; and a book I am very excited about, THE AGE OF WONDER – HOW THE ROMANTIC GENERATION DISCOVERED THE BEAUTY AND TERROR OF SCIENCE. This is written by Richard Holmes, whose wonderful biography of Shelley I read last year and loved. (Interestingly, Longfellow has sold six copies of this expensive, literary tome, each one to a person who has come in specifically for the book.)

The fantasy life: Endless hours in which to do nothing but read.


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